Process Pipe Installations2017-07-04T22:16:58+00:00

Process Pipe Installations

  • Service investigations
  • Installation of Process equipment.
  • Installation of service / process pipe work from initial concept, right through to running and commissioning of equipment.
  • Provision of operation and maintenance manual on completion of project including provision of material certificates and warranty / life cycle guarantees.

Tanker loading swing arm

Tank farm installation

Brewery valve block installation

Loading swing arm installation

Valve manifold Installation

Cheese Plant Installation

Cheese plant installation

Evaporator Installation

Labelling and identification of product and service pipe work

Brady Labelizer plus, for industrial labelling of your service and process systems

  • Survey of services
  • Label of services as per code of practice
  • Valve identification

Labelling and identification of product and service pipe work

Automatic welding of dairy and Sch piping

We have two Automatic Welding Machines – Model No. 207

  • Automatic welding of De-Ionised Water loops, RO water installations
  • Certified trained personnel for use of automatic welding machines.
  • Q.C. print out of welds.
  • Internal memory is pre-programmed for weld schedules.