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Project Description

Cold Chon Ltd, Oranmore, Co Galway

Cold Chon Ltd has been manufacturing bituminous binders on the west coast of Ireland since the company was founded in 1933.

C.S.E. Ltd provided manufacturing and skilled labour services to Cold Chon Ltd for many projects during recent years.

C.S.E. Ltd have worked on the following projects for Cold Chon Ltd:

  • Manufacture, supply and installation of new bitumen treatment and Polymor Plant.
  • Position of hot oil boilers, cooling towers, mixing vessels, filters.
  • Manufacture and install new process pipe work.
  • Service pipe work installation from mixing vessels and filters to process unit.
  • Fabrication and installation of mild steel pipe work and platforms for bitumen terminal upgrade.
  • Various projects associated with new bitumen storage tank including running 6” and 8” mild steel lines from tank to filler, positioning of filter and pumps and pressure testing on completion.

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