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 Britvic Ballygowan Ltd, Co.Limerick

Ballygowan Company was founded in 1981 and is part of the Britvic Group. More than 60 million litres of water per year are distributed from its plant in Newcastle West, Co Limerick. C.S.E. Ltd work with Ballygowan on many projects providing automation and skilled labour services to the plant. The following are some of the projects we have been involved in:

  • Supply of skilled fitters for plant maintenance.
  • Installation of water storage systems & main process pipe work from water wells.
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of pipe work and equipment for supply of Hepa air to Krones filler units.
  • Degreasing and passivation of new process pipe work
  • Position and piping of foam unit, water supply, air supply and feed from foam unit to header pipes. Installation of lube system and associated pipe work to filler conveyor.
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of flow plates and pipe work for CIP upgrade project, degreasing and passivation of system on completion.
  • Installation of conveyor system for 1.5 litre water bottles.
  • Installation of conveyor system and bottling system for 5 litre bottles.
  • Fabrication of mild steel frames to client specifications, for storage of 19 litre water bottles.
  • C.S.E. Ltd also carried out various major dismantling, removal, transportation and re-installation projects on site, along with installation of specialist machines.

We have also carried out work on site at Ballygowan for Krones UK Ltd, Krones Ltd develop, manufacture and provide extensive service support for innovative packaging equipment and systems. C.S.E. Ltd worked with Krones Ltd on the following projects at the Ballygowan Plant:

  • Installation of stainless steel platforms and access walkways at Ballygowan.
  • Manufacture and installation of stainless steel drip trays and associated supporting brackets at Ballygowan.
  • Modifications to cage around filler units in warehouse.

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